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Home » Windows Server 2008 R2 » First installation of Windows Server 2008 R2
First installation of Windows Server 2008 R2

Start the installation of Windows 2008 R2 a

Start your installation of Windows 2008 R2 at the geparo administration panel. Register with your login and password, please. This information, you will find on the data sheet which you received from Geparo.

Choose the menu item “Sytem Administration > System Installation”, select the operating system Windows 2008 R2. After you start the installation process the administration system will show the password of your server. Don´t forget to write down  - this password is only shown once!

Remark: The automatic installation process will take about 45 - 60 minutes.

You must wait this time - if you do not and try to start before this time, the system will stop the installation process or the result is a non-stable system!

If this happend, you must contact our geparo service crew before you can use your server again.

If the installation was successful it is now possible to connect with your server. Log on your server by using Windows Remote Desktop (WRD - you will find WRD in: Start > Program > accessory > remote desktop connection)   .

Our example shows this process on Windows 7:.



At the field "Computer", you use the IP-address of your server (you find this IP in the system administrationat at the point " Server Info or in the communicator at the point System installation)

Remark: Your username will be: "admin" or "administrator".


A new window will now open:



Confirm this window by clicking on connection - please.

A sever log in window will now open:



Use the initial password which you got at the system installation please (Remark: If there any special characters in your password - use them also please!)

To finish this step click on ok.

It is possible that the system shows you a server identity warning note at this stage. Confirm this message with "Yes" (If you want no further questions - mark this please.)!



Congratulations, you log in at your server now.

Remark: Security is emergent - for this reason change your password at regular terms.